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ThawBall is a daily sports highlights show designed for social media - interesting stats, fun catchphrases, and no "takes", all in 15 minutes or less.



I grew up on 90s era SportsCenter. I'd sit down for breakfast before catching the bus and within 15 minutes I'd have a great feel of what happened in the world of sports that day. From highlight reel plays to Stuart Scott saying "as cool as the other side of the pillow", SportsCenter was fun!

The ThawBall vision is to bring that style back.


That era of SportsCenter & sports highlight shows in general are gone. Replaced by shows with "hot takes" and speculation on what the next trade will be. The only place I consistently find sports highlights is on social media. 

ThawBall aims to bring those highlights back in one place, with a cohesive narrative so the viewer can enjoy a holistic picture of what happened in that day in sports. 

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