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UFC Strike

Own The Best Moments From UFC Icons. Collect the most iconic video highlights from the biggest (and most notorious) fighters from UFC. UFC Strike allows fans to express their fandom like never before with fully licensed UFC video NFTs.

Program Manager

  • Led the ideation, execution, and deployment of UFC Strike, implementing a best-in-class, intuitive, and scalable product from the ground up.

  • Organized and drove efficiency among cross-functional teams to successfully launch UFC Strike.

  • Drove quarterly OKR setting and created best-in-class internal tools for product, marketing, growth, and engineering teams to measure their weekly initiatives against UFC Strike’s quarterly OKRs.

  • Worked directly with the UFC partner to define and operate the content pipeline.

  • Progressed a unique marketing launch concept; equipping UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou with a custom NFT chain, which was promoted at the pre-fight press conference.

  • Partnered closely with the marketing, growth, and data teams to collect and then analyze top of funnel metrics to prioritize features that focused on scalability and improving conversion metrics.

  • Became an effective partner for colleagues by creating a campaign template to ensure strategic alignment and justify the expense (time, budget, and personnel). This helped to define project goals and promote connectivity throughout various teams at any given time.

  • Established the product team’s processes; implemented a rolling 30-day roadmap owned by product managers, organized the product backlog prioritization criteria among team leadership, and democratized adding ideas to the product backlog by defining the information threshold needed for product teams to action against.

UFC Strike By The Numbers


Days from concept to launch


$5M in sales in the first 24 hours post-launch


Over 50M impressions of marketing campaign launch

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