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NFL ALL DAY is where fans come to buy, sell, and play for officially licensed NFL Video collectibles.

Lead Product Manager

  • Led the ideation, execution, and deployment of UFC Strike, implementing a best-in-class, intuitive, and scalable product from the ground up. Then, guided the NFL ALL DAY product from closed beta to launch for the 2022 NFL Season all driven by data, user research, and competitive analysis.

  • Defined the product strategy and prioritized the product roadmap for NFL ALL DAY, highlighting sports and gaming features that drove primary KPIs around hyper-growth and retention.

  • Drove quarterly OKR setting and created best-in-class internal tools for product, marketing, growth, and engineering teams to measure their weekly initiatives against NFL ALL DAY’s quarterly OKRs.

  • Partnered closely with the marketing, growth, and data teams to collect and then analyze top of funnel metrics to prioritize features that focused on scalability and improving conversion metrics.

  • Led the product development to revamp NFL ALL DAY’s First Time User Experience. Collaborated cross-functionally with internal stakeholders to think through user flows, edge-cases, and user journeys to produce an unparalleled product experience for customers.

  • Conducted active research to meet roadmap objectives informing product requirements based on data analysis via A/B testing and UI/UX tweaks based on data driven outcomes.

  • Collected and leveraged customer data combined with competitive analysis to inform a new game type, “Playbook”, which revamped how users interacted with and “played" NFL ALL DAY. I became a subject matter expert on “Battle-pass” type product features which attracted new users.

  • Became an effective partner for colleagues by creating a campaign template to ensure strategic alignment and justify the expense (time, budget, and personnel). This helped to define project goals and promote connectivity throughout various teams at any given time.

  • Established the product team’s processes; implemented a rolling 30-day roadmap owned by product managers, organized the product backlog prioritization criteria among team leadership, and democratized adding ideas to the product backlog by defining the information threshold needed for product teams to action against.

NFLAD By The Numbers


Million Market Cap (increased from $50M)


Quadrupled Sign Up Rate (<10% to over 40%)


% Increase in Retention Rate

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