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Introducing BankrollR's Fantasy Betting Pools. Compete with your friends to finally see who is the best sports bettor.

Co-Founder & COO

  • Conceived of a new betting game type that combines the "fantasy pools" of DraftKings/FanDuel with the freedom that traditional sports betting offers for a low risk/high fun alternative to sports gambling.

  • Created wireframes and then a clickable prototype with advanced designs to help showcase the idea.

  • Developed a landing page to promote BankrollR and generate a mailing list of interested users.

  • Engaged lawyers to position BankrollR as a "skill game" rather than gambling to help enable our entry into the maximum amount of locations.

  • Constructed a proof-of-concept BankrollR experience using Google Forms + Google Sheets to track bets and overall standings.

    • Feedback was enourmously positive, and thus engaged college students to become our brand ambassadors and promote BankrollR competitions at their college.

  • Started social media campaigns to build brand buzz and give more context on how to play the game.


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